About Bushwacker

An overview of our philosophy
Bushwacker Headquarters in Portland, Oregon

Buford, Georgia Headquarters

St. Johns Bridge in Portland, Oregon

The St. Johns Bridge, next to 
Bushwacker, Inc

The byproduct of our manufacuring, which is recycled for future use

Community Partnerships
One of our core beliefs is that we should “pay-it-forward” to the generations to come. To do this Bushwacker supports local and national causes that benefit children in need of safe shelter, education and support. One of those is Childhelp USA, a national organization for the prevention and treatment of child abuse that offers child help hotlines, Foster Care, Group Homes, Residential treatment facilities and advocacy centers. Childhelp has made a difference for thousands of children over the last 54 years. Bushwacker is proud to support them.

More Info:  www.childhelp-usa.com

We also support the Youth Automotive Training Center. For over 20 years they have made it their mission to train and educate at-risk youth in basic automotive repair skills, job readiness, and life management skills. The goal of this program is to prepare young adults who are at a disadvantage in their lives to become self-sufficient, productive, law-abiding citizens.

More Info:  www.yatc.org

Environmental Stewardship
Our company and associates are passionate about the outdoors. It’s what we believe in and we walk the walk in a few ways. Our Green Team initiative is led by an internal committee that evaluates how Bushwacker can use less energy, produce less waste, and recycle more. Bushwacker’s products and low-ink packaging are 100% recyclable and are coded as #9 ABS or #7 TPO.  Also many of our products are made of up to 30% reclaimed material.  As part of our recently upgraded manufacturing facility, we are now using a state-of-the-art air filtration system to ensure the air we put back into the environment is as clean as possible.

Tread Lightly! is another organization we’ve also been supporting for many years. The national organization is dedicated to responsible outdoor recreation. They offer unique programs and services to help remedy current recreation issues, and work to balance a healthy environment with the needs of those who love outdoor recreation. We stand behind them because we want the places we go to be taken care of for future generations.

More Info:  www.treadlightly.org