Posted On: 2015-07-21

Off Road in Australia With the Volkswagen Amarok Club



The Volkswagen Amarok pickup truck is sold in many parts of the world (not in the U.S. or Canada, however), and Bushwacker offers fender flares and bed rail caps for these cool and capable diesel-powered (or gas-powered) pickups. There’s plenty of aftermarket parts to make these trucks perform better off road and get drivers to remote places for both business and pleasure.

In this well-shot behind-the-scenes video, Wolf 4×4 and 4×4 Australia Magazine drive a number of Amaroks—several of which are Bushwacker-equipped—at Land Cruiser Mountain Park, an off-road park, in Jimna, Queensland, Australia. Being that the Amarok is one of those forbidden fruits we don’t get in the States, it’s neat to see the trucks doing some off-roading. Judging by the video, the Amarok looks like a good off-road platform. One thing is for sure: It looks like they’re having a great time.