Being Original With Flare

By Guest Content Contributor: Hannah Cummings - November 2020

Ever wonder how one of the hottest categories in the automotive after-market industry became so popular, that it, in fact, led to the making of one of the most dynamic companies in the industry? Well, wonder no more! Buckle up for a ride that is none other than the story of Bushwacker and the invention of Fender Flares.

If you’re looking to spice up the look of your vehicle, Fender Flares are the way to go. The inventor, Jerry logan, created Fender Flares for automotive enthusiasts. While enjoying time off-roading, he realized that he and other off-road enthusiasts were incurring unnecessary fines because the oversized tires on their vehicles extended past their fenders. This is when Jerry had the idea of Fender Flares. Though it wasn’t easy at the beginning. Jerry proposed the idea to the engineering company where he was working but instead of running with the idea, the company had no interest in pursuing fender flares, thinking the idea wouldn’t take well. Determined and confident that his product would be of interest by the off-road audience, Jerry decided to leave his job and begin to design Fender Flares on his own. In February 1968, with two of his friends, Jerry established L.T.D Enterprises, Inc. The name represented the first initials of each of their last names. Jerry was elected president of the newly established company offering Fender Flares for the Ford Bronco and Jeep CJ6. Roughly two years later his colleagues developed other interests and Jerry ended up as the sole owner. Despite Jerry being left alone, his passion for his innovative product and the benefits it provided to the off-road community, rapidly propelled L.T.D. Enterprises, Inc. to become the leading manufacturer of Fender Flares. Taking on all the responsibilities, Jerry served as the designer, engineer, and sales manager for his company. A few years later Jerry’s younger brother found the business enticing and decided to join him in the early 70s. They then decided to change the name of the company and the Bushwacker brand was established.

Now, with a multitude of fender flare applications available and a catalog of cutting-edge styles, Bushwacker is more popular than ever before. Sounds like a solid invention to me! So, why should you buy fender flares for your vehicle? Fender flares prevent dirt, stones, and road debris from damaging the vehicle by providing premium tire coverage. If your vehicle has large tires, they will keep you in check with the law in 38 states that require tire coverage. They are also made to enhance your vehicle by making your vehicle look polished. What’s not to love about styling your ride? Fender flares are seen on Jeeps and Trucks, used not only as an aftermarket accessory but as a protector of your vehicle. You can customize your flares by choosing the shape, size, color, texture, etc. You name it, Bushwacker has it. Make your vehicle customized for you by you. That way, your vehicle is designed exactly the way you have always envisioned it.

Choose from a selection of styles: Pocket, OE, Wide, or our Flat stye. All of which will give your vehicle that extra flare it has been missing. Now, let’s check out some of the distinctive styles so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

First, the Pocket Style. If you’re looking for something to add a lot of bold styling quickly and easily, Pocket Style might be the one for you. This style is engineered with a UV protected Dura-Flex material that comes ready to install or paint. They are designed to enhance the look of your vehicle, without taking away the vehicles already good looks.
Second, the understated OE style. For those who don’t know, OE means that the Fender Flare is to match the Original Equipment that comes with your vehicle. If you want to keep more of a low profile, this might be the Fender Flare for you as it won’t draw too much attention but will still give your vehicle that extra boost its been missing.
Next, there are two major wide style options, the DRT Style and the Extend-A-Flare. These flares will help deflect all rocks, mud, and debris your tires kick up and if you have large tires that poke out far from the vehicle. The flares will not only complete the look, but they will also protect your ride.
Now that you are aware of the wide styles, let’s take a more thorough look into the DRT Style. These one of kind flares are constructed out of Dura-Flex ABS composite that is finished with an OEM matte black. All DRT fender flares will give you up to 3" of extra tire coverage. This style can be molded to fit your year, make, and model body lines perfectly.
A glance into the second major wide style option is the Extend-A-Flare. This style is found most often with vehicles with oversized tires for serious off-road riding. Using this style, you will protect your vehicle’s body and follow local laws. Extend-A-Flare has an exclusive Dura-Flex 2000 material that is designed for added durability and flexibility with built-in UV protection.
The final category is Flat Style, for jeeps. They are molded with a Dura-Flex TPO material that adds great flexibility and are made with UV protection. Their primary role is to maximize your tire coverage for intense off-road use. So, if you’re planning to take your vehicle off-road, this might be the style for you.

Now that you have an idea of what fender flares are and how they will benefit you and your ride, look no further but at Bushwacker. Get started accessorizing your vehicle today.