How To Install A Jeep Wrangler Soft Top

Posted On: 2013-05-16

To most people, warmer weather means barbecuing, swimming, and bonfires; however, for Jeep enthusiasts, we’ve only got one thing on our minds – Driving “topless”.

Few things feel better than driving down the road, wind through your hair, music blaring, and sunlight on your face. Plus, with the worldwide event “Go Topless Day” on May 18, 2013, there’s no better time to start looking into a replacement Soft Top for your Jeep.

Not familiar with Soft Tops? Not a problem – We’ll cover the installation process for you:

  1. Install and lock the Soft Top frame into place. This metal frame is what the top will connect to. This frame locks into place at two separate places on the Jeep – the front of the windshield and the rear runner. The rear runner is located along the inside of the Jeeps sides. Please note: This frame locks without the use of any tools.
  2. Take the entire soft top into your hands (without the windows) and very carefully place it over the frame. The top has a plastic runner on the front of it, which should be placed into the retainer on the front of the windshield.
  3. Begin to stretch the top carefully over the frame. Then, set the plastic runners on the rear corners of the Jeep into their retainers.
  4. Get inside of your Jeep Wrangler so that you’re able to snap the soft top to the frame. These snaps are located on the middle and rear sections of the frame.
  5. Use the zipper to zip up the back passenger windows to the top and then place the plastic retainers into the runners. There are two zippers and two retainers on these windows. Similarly, install the rear window using the three zippers and the rear retainer bar that slides onto the window. Place the two ends of the rear retainer bar into the metal runners.
  6. Take the front windows and put the three metal pins into the grommets, which can be found on the door. Place the corner of the window onto the door. You’ll find the snap located on the door nearest to the windshield. Then, place the retainer into the runner. This will hold the window in place.
  7. NOTE: Skip this step if there are full steel doors on your Jeep. There are snaps located over the front driver and passenger windows. Snap the soft top onto these snaps that run along the frame. This will ensure that the top will stay securely in place.

Whether you’re a topless pro or just getting familiarized with top down driving, be sure that you’re being smart and driving safely.