How To Measure Truck Bed Length

Posted On: 2015-01-27

Bushwacker makes a few products that require you to know how long your pickup truck’s bed is. This includes our Ultimate BedRail Caps and our Fender Flares. It may seem obvious why you’d need to know the length for the BedRail Caps. However, you may be wondering why you’d need it for flares.

Some pickups are available in different bed lengths and are often referred to as long-beds or short-beds. The different lengths can also place things such as a fuel-filler door, in different locations. For example, one bed length may have the fuel filler door toward the back of the truck where it wouldn’t be covered up by a fender flare. The other bed length, however, might have the filler door closer to the fender requiring a flare with a notch for the door to open properly.

For these instances, Bushwacker will offer two flare versions to accommodate both bed lengths. However, if you don’t measure your bed to make sure you get the correct flare for your rig, you could end up covering up the fuel door or having a notched flare for no reason. Don’t be that person—measure your bed length when in doubt!

Measuring a truck’s bed length is simple. First, grab your tape measure. Next, measure from the inside of the tailgate to the inside of the bed’s bulkhead. This distance is the number you’ll want to use for the measurement. Bushwacker will always list if there are multiple versions of a fender flare either in the app guide or on the website. By the way, this is how the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA) measures bed length, so that’s what we go by here.

Correctly measuring your bed will assure that you get the right Bushwacker product for the right truck the first time. So when it doubt, measure it out!