Jeep Wrangler Truck-Lite LED 7? Headlight Installation

Posted On: 2013-03-13

Jeep Wrangler Truck-Lite LED 7″ Headlight Installation

Jeep Wrangler Truck-Lite LED 7″ Headlight Installation

Adequate headlights are essential for a daily driving as well as an off-roading. Proper illumination reduces eye fatigue, increases safety, and makes that iconic Jeep grill pop just a little more.

For the last year i’ve used LED light bars for nighttime trail driving, but unfortunately these have a tendency to irritate the average driver on the road. The factory incandescent bulbs work, but that’s about it. Over the years their soft yellow glow has dimmed and dispersed, which doesn’t help much with visibility. So I made the move and replaced them with 7″ LED headlights from Truck-Lite.

Here are the main differences between incandescent, LED, and HID headlights:

Incandescent Headlight:

The original lightbulb design from the 19th century, incandescent technology is about as old as the discovery of electricity. Today’s incandescent bulbs operate by filling a tungsten filament with inert gas. A coiled piece of tungsten alloy is energized and enclosed in a glass bulb housing, this is where the filament heats up enough to generate a glow.HID Headlight:

High Intensity Discharge lights are another gas filled lighting system. Similarly to incandescents, HID’s use a xenon gas filled tube with two electrodes that create a lightning arc between two points. HID produce significantly more light than traditional gas filled bulbs, but can burn out quickly (3,000 hrs of operation) and are still inefficient when compared to LED technology.LED Headlight:

Light Emitting Diodes is the latest in lighting technology. In a nutshell, they are small, efficient, and BRIGHT! LED’s are small crystals placed on semiconductor material, they generate light when met with an electrical current. No gas tubes or filaments needed. Not only are they smaller, but they last longer, require less power, and can change colors easily.

Truck-Lite’s LED headlights first caught my eye at the 2012 SEMA Show where they were displayed on the Truck-Lite ’13 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. These 7″ round LED headlights are an improved design from Truck-Lite’s original LED light released in 2007.

The first thing I noticed about these headlights was their aesthetic; even when they’re off they look bright. The glass and reflectors are clean and crisp, and the internal black hardware make them seem deeper than they are. I decided to match this look by painting t
he headlight bezel ring black. This really accentuated Truck-Lite’s design, and give the grill a whole new look and feel.

Truck-Lite 7″ Round LED Headlight Install

Installation is extremely easy, you can have these in and adjusted within an hour or two (barring a bezel ring paint job).

Tools Needed: Torx T15 bit, electrical tape, electrical cleaner, Rust-Oleum any surface satin black spray paint (if painting bezel ring).

Step 1: Remove the three T15 screws in the bezel ring.

Step 2: Carefully pull the bezel ring from the body, if you have an older Jeep then the ring may stick a bit. A flattip screwdriver helps the initial dislodge, but be careful not to scratch the paint. Rotate slightly and pull with steady pressure, there is a notch that hangs on the body, and can snap. I found this out the hard way; fortunately it’s not necessary for a secure fitment.

Step 3: Remove the retaining ring behind the bezel ring. This is the attachment that mounts the headlights to the adjustment bracket.

Step 4: Remove the factory light, and clean the wiring harness – I used CRC quick dry electrical cleaner to remove the dirt and grime that had collected inside.

Step 5: Once the connector plug is clean, reattach the Truck-Lite 7″ LED headlight to the factory harness. It’s also a good idea to reinforce the connection with electrical tape. JK owners: You will need the H4 to H13 adapter to make this work.

Step 6: Apply the retaining ring to the Truck-Lite headlights, and secure to the adjustment bracket.

Step 7: This is the best time to adjust the headlights. With the lights installed, move the vertical and horizontal adjustment screws until you’ve found a desired position. To do this, measure a horizontal line from the lights to a wall that’s close. It is ideal for your low beams to create a horizontal line that is at the same height as the lightsthemselves.

Step 8: Once you’ve adjusted your headlights place the bezel ring back onto the body. A hex-key with a T15 tip is the easiest way to fasten the screws. I noticed that I had to adjust the headlight down quite a bit, which made the driver side top right T15 screw a pain to get to.

Painting Jeep Wrangler Bezel Rings: When doing this installation, I decided that the Truck-Lite LED 7″ headlights would look best with black bezel rings. So I applied three to four coats of Rust-Oleum paint/primer black satin to the rings and T15 screws. This was a very easy addition that saved me from spending $30 – $40 on a set of pre-painted black bezel rings. If you do this then I’d suggest you apply the first coats as soon as the rings are removed. The rings will likely still be wet when you’re ready to re-install them, so use a hair dryer or equivalent to dry them off.