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Jeep JK8 Brush Fire Vehicle

Here’s an Jeep JK8 with ingenuity written all over it. Well technically it has Smokey The Bear all over it since it’s the Eagan Minnesota brush fire rescue vehicle. Our friends over at Burnsville Offroad (appropriate name if I may say so myself) were asked by Eagan Fire Chief Mike Scott to construct this build. Here’s what the owner of Burnsville Offroad Dan McKeag had to say about the process:

I was approached by my hometown Fire Chief in Eagan MN. They needed a vehicle that was narrow and nimble enough to navigate the hiking trails in Lebanon Hills Regional Park just a few miles from my house. The Jeep JK modified with the Mopar JK8 pickup conversion was the perfect choice. BOR performed the JK8 conversion and also provided bumpers, winch, tires and wheels and of course Bushwacker flat [style] flares. Much of the parts and labor were donated by BOR, Rosenbauer Pump , Whelen Lighting and Park Chrysler Jeep. BOR installed rear leaf springs from a J8, thanks to Chrysler Corporation, as well as a dana 60 rear and dana 44 front axles with larger Dodge half ton brakes all around. The JK fire truck has been beefed up to handle the extra 1100 pounds of weight that the fire fighting equipment has added. It looks fun to drive too.

For more info on this JK8 Brush Fire vehicle check out Burnsville OffRoad’s Facebook page.