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Rigid Industries 50″ and 10″ E-Series LED Light Bar Review

No one wants to be left in the dark, it’s not fun. Anytime I think about night riding I think of getting stuck in my old ’96 Tahoe outside the 29 Palms lake bed. In my own defense, it was my spotters fault (always is, right?). Regardless, the sun was setting and the Tacoma that was with us couldn’t pull the Tahoe out. So in futility we decided that the spotter and I would stay with the Tahoe while our friends went for help. The night sprung on us as soon as they left, and we found ourselves sitting in the pitch black desert without any communications, water, or food (another lesson learned).

Although the night sky was clear and gorgeous, the pitch black left us blind beyond our hands. We waited in the dark for what seemed to be hours – sharing partially sober stories from as far back as we could remember.

Just then we heard the rumble of the calvary led by the only Jeep TJ in the group, which was outfitted with a WARN winch and enough halogen lights to fill a canyon. I was amazed at how well those lights lit the area. They made it safe to recover my Tahoe in a rather inhospitable environment. It was then I realized the importance of proper lighting, especially in night recovery situations.

Rigid Industries LED Light Bars:

That’s why we selected Rigid Industries for the BRC-12 build. Rigid is known to produce some of the most extreme LED lights on the market. Their LED lights are not only used in offroad racing, but in marine, mining, agriculture and law enforcement situations as well. In fact, Rigid Industries is so confident in their LED light bars that they let Mad Media produce a video called “Tortured” – where they smash, drag, grind, cut, freeze, shoot, and downright destroy Rigid’s light bars. Fortunately for Rigid, their products withstood the abuse:

This rugged reliability fits the BRC-12 theme perfectly; so we installed a Rigid Industries 50″ E-series light bar with windshield bracket, as well as a 10″ E-series on the Hanson Bumper.
Rigid Industries 10″ LED E-Series Light Bar:


Out of the two light bars, I use the 10″ E-series the most; primarily because the 50″ E-series isn’t street legal. The 10″ is great because it’s mounted at the same level as the headlights, and is a great alternative to the standard high beams. We opted for the 10″ combo which blends spot and flood lighting together. If you look closely you can actually see the different bulbs. This setup gives the distance like high beams, but fills the entire space with a crisp white light that dispels shadows in and around the Jeep. The 10″ E-series features:

  • 20 degree flood pattern
  • 10 degree spot pattern
  • Unbreakable Lexan Lens
  • 6061 Aluminum extrusion
  • Durable UV Powdercoat Finish
  • Sealed Water Proof Connector
  • Plug and Play Wiring Harness with Switch
  • 9 – 36 VDC
  • 50,000+ hour life span
  • Available in spot, flood, combo
  • Zero UV Emissions
  • IP68 rating
  • No Hot spots
  • No Vibration or bouncing beams
  • 100% optically clear lens
  • No Warm up, Instant on/off


Rigid Industries 50″ LED E-Series Light Bar w/ Windshield Bracket:


This is the mother of LED light bars. Not only does it illuminate everything night or day, but it also gets a lot of attention from curious types. Needless to say – this light bar is bright, and by bright I mean nearly 20,000 raw lumens bright. What does that kind illumination cost? Rigid lists the 50″ light bar at $1,600, but compare that to Surefire’s brightest searchlight, the 3000 lumen HellFighter, which is a pretty $5,455.

The 50″ LED E-series can also reach out to 1,500 meters, which is further than the average rifle shot. This means picking a line at night just got 20,000 times easier with the Rigid 50″ light bar. The features are the same as the 10″ bar, except the 50″ only comes in a combo configuration.

Windshield Bracket: Installation is pretty straight forward with the Rigid Industries Windshield Bracket. It simply mounts to the pre-existing factory holes in the A-pillars. There isn’t a need to cut and drill unless you want custom wiring. The light bar can be swiveled up and down to achieve the ideal angle for your ride height.

If you’ve ever wheeled at night then you  know the importance of quality lighting. Common sense dictates that it’s safer to be able to see what your driving on. Plus, having the ability to pick the right line could mean life or death in certain night situations. With low wattage requirements, amazing durability, and clean light, the 50″ and 10″ light bars are exactly what we needed for our build.

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