The "Buckin' Crazy" Ford Bronco

Posted On: 2015-02-02

The “Buckin’ Crazy” Ford Bronco

Every now and then a vehicle catches your eye and you must know more about it. This was the case with Goose Bellow’s 1996 Ford Bronco. I saw the SUV on Facebook and noticed it has Bushwacker Cut-Out™ Flares both front and rear. I shared the photo on the Bushwacker Facebook page, where Goose stated this was his rig. I had to know more.

Goose is a Floridian and member of the United States Airforce. He’s had the SUV, which he calls Buckin’ Crazy, since he was 15 years old. It was bone-stock when he got it and had 31” tires, but things only got bigger from there: 33s, 35s, 37s, 40s, 42s, 46s, and when those weren’t big enough, he went all the way up to the current 53” Michelin XZL tires, which are mounted on 20×10 wheels. For that just-right look and to add some extra tire coverage, he added those Cut-Out Fender Flares.

All that rolling stock required beefed-up axles and different gearing, so he swapped in Super Duty axles with 5.13 gears. The truck also runs a divorced NP205 transfer case. It currently has a full four-link coil suspension.

The vehicle has done a little bit of everything. “When it was shorter, I did the dunes; jumping it, rock crawling, hill climbs, and trails,” says Goose. Now that it’s got 24” of lift, he sticks to mud bogging.

However, one of the coolest parts of the truck is undoubtedly the matching trailer, which has been made from the bed of a 1996 Ford F-350. The trailer rolls on the same enormous 53” tires, has a coil suspension, and a tool box. There’s also a removable bed cap.

Buckin’ Crazy has been featured in Bronco Driver Magazine, appeared in music videos, been in newspaper articles, and won and placed at multiple car shows. Goose has also brought the truck to charity rides, such as the Toys for Tots Santa fun Run.

If you thought Goose was done with the truck, you’re mistaken. He has plans to add a larger engine, military axles with four-wheel steering, tractor tires, and a bigger sound system.

“I know I wouldn’t have been able to have the truck the way it is without the help and support of my friends and family,” says Goose.

We’re definitely impressed by Goose’s Buckin’ Wild Bronco. It’s big, bad, and unique—a combination that’s bound to get plenty of attention wherever this sweet SUV goes.

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Goose Bellow’s 1996 Ford Bronco

Exterior Accessories
Product Part #
Bushwacker Cut-Out Front Fender Flares 20021-11
Bushwacker Cut-Out Rear Fender Flares 20022-11
20×10 Wheels
53" Michilen XZL Tires See Website
Super Duty Axles w/5.13:1 Gears
Custom Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier
50" LED Light Bar
Crane Hook
Custom Trailer
Performance Accessories
Product Part #
351W Engine
K&N Intake See Website
Dual Exhaust
AOD Transmission
Divorced Transfer Case NP205
Full Four-Link Coil Suspension
Interior Accessories
Product Part #
Racing Seats
Huge Stereo
Roll Cage