Toyota 4Runner Pocket Style Fender Flares

Posted On: 2015-12-07

Toyota 4Runner Pocket Style Fender Flares

They were originally shown at the 2014 SEMA Show as prototypes. They were equipped on Expedition Overland’s Toyota 4Runners and driven from Montana all the way to Panama. And now you can equip your 2014—2016 Toyota 4Runner* with these flares. Introducing Bushwacker Pocket Style® Fender Flares for the 5th generation Toyota 4Runner.


Providing 1.5 inches of tire coverage, these Pocket Style flares install without cutting and with minimal drilling. They’re made from strong Dura-Flex® 2000 material, come in an OE matte black finish that looks great and matches the truck’s black trim, and are 100% UV protected. The flares can also be easily painted to match the truck’s finish for a factory-custom look. Once installed, they provide a rugged off-road-ready look and help to keep mud and dirt off of the vehicle’s paint. They’re ideal for 4Runner owners who have larger tires on their vehicle, and may help to keep the vehicle in compliance with local tire coverage laws.

These flares have already proven their durability, too. Expedition Overland used these flares on both of their 2015 Toyota 4Runners during their 4,800 mile expedition from Montana to the infamous Darien Gap in Panama. The flares were put to the test on miles and miles of unpaved roads and put through very harsh conditions in several countries.

If you’ve been waiting for these flares, the wait is over. These have been in high demand, and we’re excited to finally introduce them to the market. To learn more, visit the 5th Gen 4Runner Pocket Style Fender Flare page. Ready to order? Find a Bushwacker dealer.

*Not compatible with 4Runner Limited model.