Bushwacker Sponsorships

Bushwacker Sponsorships: Club/Event Support

Most local club events are eligible to receive Bushwacker promotional items, such as decals and brochures. Some clubs/events may qualify for raffle or door prizes, “goodie bags,” can koozies, and/or banners. Please limit your requests to one per year, per club. 

Criteria for Club Event Support:

  • Event is relevant to the Bushwacker brand
  • Event takes place in an appropriate environment
  • Bushwacker products play a key role with the event
  • The event is relevant to Bushwacker audiences
  • The event offers global/regional/local synergy
  • The event is environmentally responsible

To submit your proposal, download the Bushwacker Product Sponsorship Request form, complete all questions and return it to the address noted on the form. Once a proposal is received, it will be reviewed by the appropriate Bushwacker associate. The review process typically last a minimum of three weeks.