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Choosing A Lift For A ’99 Wrangler


Choosing a lift kit is never easy. There are many varieties to pick from, all with contradictory reviews that complicate the decision making process, but when choosing a lift the first thing anyone should ask themselves is:
“what’s the purpose of the lift?”
For some, a simple leveling kit is all that’s needed. For others, 8″ kits are needed to fit massive wheel and tire packages.

However, for our BRC-12 build we decided that a 4″ kit would be the most appropriate. Primarily because the original Bantam was not extreme by any means. It was small, lightweight, maneuverable, and most of all functional. And that’s how we wanted to keep this build.

This left us to choose between a long or short arm kit; the long arm kit would give the Jeep a better ride and flex, but would be a permanent addition to the frame. If we were installing a 6″ lift then this wouldn’t have been a question, but at 4″ we decided that it’d be best to keep it simple, and work our way into a larger lift.

The unknown variable was if we would need a Slip Yoke Eliminator. A 4″ lift seemed to be the questionable point at which an SYE would be needed. The slip yoke is the component that connects the rear driveline to the transfer case. Pressure is added to the U-joints and bearings whenever the driveline angle is increased (vis a vis a lift). A Slip Yoke Eliminator restores a stable angle to the driveline and counters issues with driveline vibration, U-joint and bearing wear.

Fortunately, our friends at Skyjacker Suspensions have designed a 4″ suspension lift for the ’99 Wrangler TJ that eliminates the need for an SYE. Skyjacker effectively stabilizes the driveline at a safe angle by including a drop down bracket for the transfercase. Perfect, time to build – Next week we’ll get in to the nuts and bolts of installing the Skyjacker Suspensions 4″ lift for the Jeep Wrangler TJ.