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New Diesel Jeep Wrangler Being Tested in America?

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Photos Courtest of Bruce “Honeybadger” Dorn.

By now every Jeep enthusiast under the sun has begged Jeep to bring us a diesel option for the JK Wrangler- they offer great fuel economy, increased torque, and better reliability. It’s not even that they don’t produce a diesel Jeep- they do. It’s just for the european market only. Yesterday, on our way to Detroit with Expeditions 7, we ran into two European specification diesel Wranglers being tested, could this be a sign of things to come for the US market? A sky shot perhaps? Or is it just Jeep testing a better product to ship elsewhere?

From what we could tell on the highway the vehicles (a two door and a four door) were left hand drive, and featured soft upper doors, “Euro Spec Diesel” markings, as well as a CRD badge.