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Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ Tires & Raceline Monster Beadlock Wheels

mickey-thompson-baja-mtz-tiresWith the Skyjacker 4″ lift installed, the BRC-12 was ready for some 33×12.5″ Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ tires. We went with Mickey Thompson because they’ve earned a reputation for handling extreme conditions on the trail while providing a smooth ride on the highway.

Fortunately the tread lugs on the Baja MTZ provide enough surface area that road noise is negligible in comparison to other mud tires. The surface area also helps with wet pavement, which is great considering how much rain we receive in the northwest. Plus, Mickey Thompson tires have an extremely robust radial construction that give the tires a long lifespan with better towing capability. 

mickey-thompson-baja_mtzThe MTZ’s design shows an aggressive tread pattern with a strong shoulder profile. Mickey Thompson’s Sidebiter® sidewall tread adds extra traction and protection while looking mean in the process. When it comes down to it, the Baja MTZ is designed for the mud, and it shows. The tread void between the lugs is designed to expel debris with an added channel groove. This is perfect for muddy or snowy conditions.

When aired down the aggressive Sidebiter® sidewall flattens out and easily grips anything around. The sequential notches in the shoulder tread provide added traction and cleaning capability when the tire is deflated. Mickey Thompson’s Power Ply™ reinforces the sidewall so I can crawl with confidence. All things considered, I’m more than happy with the MTZ design, not only do the tires look great, but they’re versatile as well.

Raceline Monster Beadlock Wheels

The wheel selection for the BRC-12 build was definitely a challenge. There were many variables that had to be considered: the wheel diameter, width, backspacing, offset, and bolt circle. We wanted a heavy offset to give the BRC-12 a stout stance, but it seemed that we couldn’t find the right combination to do so. After weeks of debating we finally discovered that a set of Raceline Monster Beadlock wheels would fit perfectly.

mickey-thompson-baja-mtz_tiresThe Raceline Monster’s feature a heavy 4.75″ backspace, are 17″ in diameter, and fit the Baja MTZ’s rim requirements. Not only that, but they’re competition grade wheels that can hold a bead in extreme conditions. But what about on the road? Does a daily driver need to run beadlock wheels? That decision is dependent on how often you air down to crawl. For the BRC-12, yes – beadlocks make sense, but we keep the air at a comfortable 25psi while on the blacktop.

Only problem is that the heavy offset pushes the tires a good 3″ to 4″ from the edge of the stock flares. This is where a set of Bushwacker Flat Style Flares will keep us covered. Not only will they protect the vehicle from rocks and debris, but they’ll also ensure that we’re adhering to Oregon’s tire coverage laws. Plus the Flat Style Flares will give us the look we want to replicate from the BRC-40, and provide enough room for the Baja MTZ’s to articulate.

Overall, the Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ tires paired with Raceline Monster Beadlock wheels are the perfect combination for the BRC-12. The MTZ’s aren’t overbearing during the daily drive, and maintain their grip in wet conditions. Their design makes the profile look aggressive without sacrificing ride quality. Plus, the Raceline Monsters are as durable, and functional, as wheels come. That 4.75″ offset gives the BRC-12 a wide stance that’s ready to crawl.

This wheel & tire combo is a force to be reckoned with, and it shows.