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Bushwacker WJ Grand Cherokee Cut-Out Flares Update

It’s been awhile since we released an update on the WJ Cut-Out™ Flares, so here’s what’s going on. The design for the WJ Cut-Out™ Flares is still being finalized. But what could be holding the process up? what’s the hiccup?

The bottom line is that we want to have the design right the first time. Currently, we’re working on the compatibility between the WJ
Cut-Out™ and the different WJ Grand Cherokee cladding packages. The original WJ Cut-Out™ was designed around the Grand Cherokee Limited, but what fits for the Limited doesn’t necessarily fit the Sport. We’d love to be able to launch the design as it is, but we wouldn’t stay true to our mission of providing the best quality Fender Flares for our customers.

As the social media representative I get to see the frustration from both parties – the WJ enthusiasts who are tired of waiting, and the Bushwacker engineers who are overcoming the design challenges. Trust us, we want to sort out the headaches now so you don’t have to later.

We look forward to the WJ Cut-Out™ Flare release as much as you do, but we can’t sacrifice Bushwacker quality for a release date. I’ll be to post more once updates are available.

Thanks again for your patience, and your continued support of Bushwacker.