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Bushwackers of the Week | 8/3

Here are this week’s Bushwackers – competition was tough, but I had to narrow it down to these five rides. If you’d like to see all of our recent entries then head over to Facebook and check out our album “The Bushwacker Brigade“. To this week’s winners: be sure to Email us to receive free Bushwacker swag!

If you’d like to be considered for Bushwacker of the Week then tag or tweet us your ride with model/year info, plus any additional upgrades you’ve done!

Thanks, and congratulations to the winners!

Mandy Caldwell – Ford F-250 Super Duty w/ Pocket Style Fender Flares


Mandy’s Super Duty sits on a 36″ lift and 54″ tires, which are covered by paint matched Pocket Style Fender Flares. Her picture quickly circulated around the off road community, and eventually found its way on to our wall. And believe it or not, her rig is street legal! Thanks for sharing Mandy – your ride definitely turns heads!

Jon Knudsen – Chevrolet Avalanche w/ Pocket Style Fender Flares


Here’s a submission we don’t see everyday – a Chevrolet Avalanche with Pocket Style Fender Flares. Thanks for sharing Jon, we love seeing tasteful trucks!

Mr. & Mrs. Durbin – Jeep Cherokee XJ w/ Flat Style Fender Flares


Like a lost puppy, Mr. and Mrs. Durbin found this poor XJ abandoned in a ditch along a fence row. Over time they nourished it back to health, and saved it from the inevitable fate of becoming a rust bucket. Aptly named “Fencerow” this XJ is now back in its natural habit – the trail. Thanks for sharing Mr. and Mrs. Durbin, we’re glad our Flat Style Fender Flares could be apart of Fencerow’s restoration.

Chris Cochran – Toyota Tundra w/ Pocket Style Fender Flares


Chris’s Toyota Tundra (project 4ohsix) is out of Montana, and is apart of the nationwide Twisted Tundras crew. This Tundra generated a lot of talk this week, and sparked some insight for future designs. We’re glad that Chris is apart of the Bushwacker Brigade, and can’t wait to see how his build progresses.

Dan Minnocci – Jeep Wrangler 4dr JK w/ Flat Style Fender Flares


Dan’s Jeep JK with Flat Style Fender Flares looks pretty intimidating blacked out. With its “black ops” look, this Wrangler surely means business. It features an OR-FAB tire/gerry can carrier, 35″ KM2s, LoD Signature rear end, and much more. Thanks for sharing Dan!