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Jeep Pickup Truck Coming Soon?

jeep-2500-heavy-duty_pickup-truckJeep president Mike Manley recently stirred up the automotive world when he revealed to the Australian site CarAdvice that Jeep is considering a new Jeep pickup truck. Some speculate that if this is true then we could see a Jeep truck in the next generation of Wranglers around 2015. It’s still unknown whether a Jeep pickup would be on a Wrangler or Fiat platform. What is known is that Chrysler has been toying with the pickup truck concept for awhile now. Back in 2005 is when we first got a taste of the new Wrangler truck with the remodeled Jeep Gladiator.

Chrysler teased us again during the 2012 Easter Jeep Safari when Jeep unveiled a Jeep 2500 Heavy Duty. Don’t forget that Chrysler has also been testing a diesel Wrangler in America. Combine that with strong JK-8 sales, and Jeep has more than enough R&D to crank out an entire line of diesel equipped Jeep trucks.

With the Jeep Liberty discontinued, the Wagoneer in the works, and Durango on the chopping block; it looks as if Chrysler has some big plans ahead. Let’s just hope this includes a well thought out pickup truck that meets the needs of today’s motorist.