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Bushwacker Brigade | 8/17

The 8/17 Brigade features another great mix of Toyota’s and Jeep’s. Thanks to everyone who shared their ride with us. To this week’s winners: be sure to Email us to receive free Bushwacker swag!

If you’d like to be considered for the Bushwacker Brigade then tag or tweet us your ride with model/year info, plus any additional upgrades you’ve done!

Thanks, and congratulations to the winners!

Joseph De Leon Isip – Toyota FJ Cruiser w/ Pocket Style Fender Flares

toyota fj cruiser pocket style flares

Looks like Joseph is leading the way during the FJ Northeasters 5th annual Easter Run in Rausch Creek Off-Road Park. As you can see, Joseph’s FJC is fully equipped with Mud Grappler tires, PIAA and Light Force lights, Road Armor bumpers, and a snorkel that’s integrated into our FJ Cruiser Pocket Style Flares. Overall, a very impressive Toyota – thanks for sharing Joseph!

Jason Hixon – Jeep Wrangler JK w/ Flat Style Fender Flares

jeep wrangler jk flat style flaresJason’s Jeep Wrangler JK with Flat Style Fender Flares is one of those subtle vehicles built to perform. It features 2.5″ Rock Krawler max travel system with 37″ tires! The combination of our Flat Style Fender Flares, and the RK suspension allow Jason to fit those massive 37″ Goodyear MT/R tires into that wheel well.

Tundra Thrillz Truck Build – Toyota Tundra w/ Pocket Style Fender Flares

toyota-tundra-pocket-style-flaresThis wicked Toyota Tundra with Pocket Style Fender Flares appeared on our wall from an account with the moniker “Tundra Thrillz Truck Build”, but not much is known other than that. It looks as if it has Method Wheels, and a FabFours bumper to match the Fender Flares. All in all it looks like a rugged Tundra, we hope to see some more of this build!

Mike Flowers – Jeep Cherokee XJ w/ Flat Style Fender Flares

jeep-xj-flat-style-flaresMike Flowers seems to have had a great day of wheeling, and doesn’t have to spend the rest of it cleaning thanks to Bushwacker Flat Style Fender Flares.

Nate Young – Jeep Wrangler TJ w/ Pocket Style Fender Flares

jeep-wrangler-tj-pocket-style-flaresSome people prefer it on the rocks, and Nate looks to be one of those types. His Rubicon with Pocket Style Flares seems to be handling the rough terrain just fine. Thanks for sharing Nate, we’d love to see more pics of your TJ in action!