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Bushwacker | 45 Years of Innovation

Today Bushwacker is celebrating Jerry Logan’s birthday. Back in 1967 Jerry had an idea that transformed the automotive aftermarket industry. He realized that off-road enthusiasts like himself were receiving unnecessary fines for their oversized tires extending past the fender. The industry needed better tire coverage, and he knew it. So Jerry proposed his Fender Flare concept to the engineering company where he worked, but they dismissed the idea as too niche.

bushwacker 45 years

As a result, Jerry decided to develop Fender Flares on his own. He left his job and began to work on the first designs out of a garage in Camas, WA. Like a true pioneer, Jerry acted as the designer, engineer, and sales manager. In February 1968 Jerry established L.T.D. Enterprises, Inc. with Fender Flares for the Ford Bronco and Jeep CJ6. He then loaded up his station wagon and set out to promote his innovative product.

It didn’t take long for L.T.D. Enterprises, Inc to become the leading manufacturer of Fender Flares for light trucks and sport utility vehicles. In 1988 L.T.D. Enterprises, Inc was officially changed to Bushwacker, Inc.; a name previously held by a division of L.T.D. For a number of years Bushwacker offered grill guards, bug shields, ground effects, suspension systems, and skid plates.

Nearly 45 years after its creation, Bushwacker, Inc remains true to its mainstay producing Fender Flares along with Bedrail Caps, Trail Armor, and Bumper Protection. Bushwacker, Inc is now a well known name in the automotive aftermarket, where the term “Bushwackers” is a common reference towards Fender Flares.

As a family owned and operated business, Bushwacker, Inc strives to maintain the honest values of doing things right. We’re rooted in automotive passion, and maintain an enthusiast’s drive. But none of this would be possible if Jerry Logan hadn’t decided to take a bold step into the unknown. For this is what it truly means to be a Bushwacker.