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Hanson Offroad Bumpers | Jeep Wrangler TJ

jeep-wrangler-tj-bumperA bumper’s primary role is to sustain an impact without damaging the vehicle. For some, the bumper is an afterthought, but for those who use and abuse their vehicle then a bumper can make or break a day. One must consider a variety of factors when choosing a bumper for their Jeep.

First, quality and strength is a must if you intend on off-roading. Second, is it functional for your needs? and third, does it look good? Sure, the last one may seem trivial, but design can affect radiator airflow and aerodynamics (which affects MPG).

We’ve used a variety of bumpers in the past, and they all have their pros/cons, but Hanson Offroad has consistently impressed us with their quality. This is why we used the Hanson Offroad Rubicon series 60″ front and rear bumper on the Bushwacker TJ.

Front Bumper

Hanson’s front bumper provides excellent protection all around. The angled design reinforces overall strength and opens up the approach angle. The winch bar is constructed with 1-3/4” x .120 wall tubing and is angled forward and welded for maximum protection. It also accommodates a Rigid Industries 10″ LED E-Series light bar perfectly. The width is a perfect size, it’s designed to protect the fenders from impact while providing excellent tire clearance. Each end is angled perfectly to fit the style lines of our Flat Style Fender Flares, which provides much better aerodynamics than flat box-like bumpers. Thankfully Hanson dropped the winch deck 2″ so the WARN 9.5cti-s sits happily without blocking airflow to the radiator. The clevis tabs are 1″ wide, and can be pulled from any angle without fear of breakage. Overall, the 60″ Rubicon series front bumper is an excellent choice for a TJ needing extra protection and functionality!

Rear Bumper

hanson-rear-jeep-tj-bumperHanson’s rear bumper follows suit with nice aesthetics and great utility. Although a base model is available, we opted for the tire carrier version which is highly modular. This handcrafted bumper is 3/16” cold rolled steel, has 3/8” end plates, a frenched-in 2” receiver hitch, 1” clevis tabs and a 1-7/8” machined spindle. Attached to the spindle is the square tire carrier that’s designed to carry a spare (up to 36″) as well as a variety of cargo system components (not shown).

These optional cargo packages greatly enhance the utility of your Jeep, and are perfect for those who like long overland 4×4 trips. Perhaps the best feature about the Hanson Offroad rear bumper is that it’s designed to accomodate a 42″ All-Cast Hi-Lift jack. Simply mount with two bolts with wing nuts, and voila!

Auxiliary or rock lights can be attached on the lower corners of the frame, and the center post can accommodate an antenna or light as well. The rack swings out and locks around 90 degrees, and can be released via spring loaded T-handle. There is very little vibration in this setup either. Keep the stock rubber tire snubbers on to dampen any noise caused by the Hi-Lift; a handle keeper helps too!

Overall – Hanson Offroad bumpers are worth every penny. Not only do you get robust protection, but you also get varied utility and appealing design. If you’re in the market, then be sure to check them out!