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2014 Silverado Z71 Beadlock Option?


A 2014 Silverado can be seen with beadlocks on Chevrolet’s new Chevy Silverado webpage. Even though GM hasn’t made an official announcement about a 2014  ZR2 package, it is a good sign that they’re playing with the possibility. So the question remains: is this masked Silverado the elusive Raptor-fighter?

Probably not. The ground clearance doesn’t look aggressive enough to compete with the Raptor or Ram Runner. And it’ll come as no surprise that beadlock wheels aren’t an option when building a 2014 Silverado. If anything, we may see a Silverado package similar to Toyota’s TRD Tundra Rock Warrior.

Then again, we could be proven wrong – GM has yet to release a new turbo diesel option for the 2014 Silverado. So perhaps we’ll see more in the coming months?

One can only hope.