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Area BFE | Pucker Pass

2013-jeep-wrangler-jk-pucker-pass-area-bfeToday Bushwacker ran “Pucker Pass” at Area BFE as a co-sponsor with Hanson, Full-traction, and Superchips. This trail kicked off our 2013 Easter Jeep Safari experience and it definitely lived up to its name!

If you’re not familiar, Area BFE is a 320 acre privately owned outdoor recreational park approximately 13mi south of Moab. The vision of Area BFE is to “create a place where people [can] go without the threat of being kicked-off… and [to] insure that people will always have a place to recreate”

Land use rights have become a hot issue over the years, which has resulted in closures of countless pubic OHV trails. These land grabs exist across the country, and much of the 4×4 community has been unaware of the pressing issue. This is why Area BFE came into existence – to provide a safe haven for 4×4 enthusiasts when there is nowhere left to wheel in Moab.

There are few Parks like Area BFE, in fact – they are they only off-road park in America that is open 24/7, 365 days a year, and is free to access. They do accept donations, and funds from apparel go towards park upkeep. If you’re ever in Moab, then be sure to check out Area BFE – there are plenty of friendly people, and challenging trails to explore!

For more information on the land use battle, check out Blue Ribbon Coalition. If you’d like to learn more about Area BFE, check out their website, and be sure to like them on Facebook as well!

Pucker Pass

Pucker Pass felt like a very condensed version of Steel Bender, but the most noticeable difference was that Pucker Pass had a heavy mix of rock, shale, and sand. This makes accents and descents somewhat challenging since there are multiple variables to consider.

The first major obstacle, which can be bypassed, includes several shelves that drop the vehicle hard. There are two lines to choose from; I chose the line to the left which provided the most straight forward descent. Short wheel base vehicles be warned, both sets of wheels will simultaneously drop while the nose is down. In this situation it is best to let momentum carry you forward through the drop. (We should have video sometime next week)

pucker-pass-area-bfe-jeep-jkPucker Pass can challenge all vehicle types. Long wheel base 4-door Wranglers make short work of the main accent near Smashing Pumpkins, but can get in a pinch at the peak.

The top of Pucker Pass requires a sharp 90-degree turn along a cliff. To do this you have to ride the driver side up a series of steps, then bump the vehicle’s rear end around to get a straight shot up.

All in all, Pucker Pass is a downright fun trail that doesn’t take up the entire day. It provides obstacles and challenges for most 4×4’s, and has beautiful scenery to boot. If you’re looking for a quick adventure, then pop over to Area BFE, and give Pucker Pass a run!

For more pictures, check out our Facebook album here.