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Tuffy Security Glovebox Jeep TJ

tuffy-security-products-jeep-tj-gloveboxKeeping a secure Jeep Wrangler can be a chore during the summer, especially when you drop the top. If you’re like me and own an older Wrangler then it’s easy to question the durability of the internal OE locks after years of use. Personally, I more or less assume that my glove box and center console are not secure when topless. That’s why I removed my OE glovebox, and replaced it with a Tuffy Secuirty glovebox for the Jeep TJ.

Tuffy is known for manufacturing some of the best security products on the market, and their glovebox is no different with their patented Pry-Guard II locking system, and anti-twist push button lock system.

Perhaps the first step of securing any Jeep is not to leave valuables in the vehicle when you leave it unattended. But what about smaller items like your garage door opener and registration (which lists your home address)? Although seemingly inconsequential, these two items are more or less a map and key to your home, and are a very valid reason to secure your glovebox. The Tuffy glovebox is also great for those who have a concealed carry permit. As many CHL holders know, certain premises disallow concealed carry, which can be a predicament if you don’t have a secure place to stow your firearm. Thankfully the Tuffy glovebox can easily accommodate even the largest caliber handguns.

Installation of the Jeep TJ Tuffy Security Glovebox is about as straightforward as you can get; the minimum tools required are:

  • #1 Phillips head screwdriver
  • ? 7/16” Socket
  • ? 1/8” allen wrench
  • ? Ratchet for ¼” socket
  • ? 3/8” wrench
  • ? Drill and ¼” drill bit

I would also recommend using a 5/32 socket for the lower Phillips screws since they can be annoying to tighten with a screwdriver. Be sure to check out Tuffy’s installation guide for a better understanding of the process. My only suggestion is to do step 6 right after step 3 – it’s much easier to place the glovebox, mark the holes, drill, and then secure the glovebox into the dash. Past that – installation on the Tuffy glovebox is a sinch!

The glovebox itself is very secure, and offers no room for prying. Perhaps the best feeling is the sound of the steel latch locking into place – it’s like a vault door closing, which is a great peace of mind whenever you leave those valuables alone. I would easily recommend the Tuffy Security Products Glovebox to anyone remotely concerned about their valuables. Tuffy offers a wide range of products, so be sure to check them out today!