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What Is Crawl Ratio? | Defined

what-is-crawl-ratioCrawling in a 4×4 takes finesse, tactics, patience, and the right crawl ratio to properly transfer torque to your wheels. So what is crawl ratio? Well, simply put:

Crawl Ratio
The lowest gear ratio the vehicle is capable of in first. It considers the ratios of the transmission, transfer case, and axles.

You’ll need to do a little math math to figure it out. Simply take your transmission first gear ratio x transfer case low gear x axle gear = crawl ratio

For example, the crawl ratio on my TJ build is 47.5 (3.83 x 2.72 x 4.56 = 47.5), which is acceptable for a MPG conscious daily driver. Simply put – the higher the ratio, the better the crawling ability. A crawl ratio in the 60’s is capable for most, 80’s is respectable, 100’s is extreme, and anything past 130 is diminishing returns.

If you’re planning a build that will see a lot of crawling then be sure to check out our gear ratio chart to pick the right combination of power and efficiency.

What does your crawl ratio look like on your build? Comment below with your vehicle make/model and ratio!