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Proof Bushwacker is One of the Big Guns

Proof Bushwacker is one of the big guns

Here is proof that Bushwacker is one of the “big guns”—this one actually has our name on it! We were recently contacted by former Bushwacker employee, Anthony Shake, who sent us the above picture with him and his M119A2 Howitzer along with this note:

The first company I worked for after I got out of high school [was Bushwacker]. I worked there for five years and basically grew up there. So when I got the opportunity to name one of my guns, it felt appropriate to name it “Bushwacker.”

We’re honored! Anthony is a U.S. Army Howitzer Section Chief in Bravo Battery, 2nd Battalion 2nd Field Artillery at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma. His brigade trains soldiers and officers entering the field artillery branch. His team also serves as the salute battery for Ft. Sill and does a host of ceremonial salutes for promotions, changes of command, and Independence Day.

Bushwacker is proud of our Armed Forces and believe in supporting our troops. We regularly send donations to the troops and we have supported numerous Wounded Warrior truck builds throughout the years. Thanks to Anthony, all those enlisted in the U.S. Armed Forces, and all veterans—we appreciate your service!