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Event: The ROCK 2015

On Monday, March 30, Area BFE in Moab, Utah will be holding The ROCK 2015. This event, now in its 12th year, will feature trail rides, vendor show, free t-shirts, goodie bags, raffles, and a free lunch for the first 75 people. Hang out with your friends and wheel with your favorite companies—including us!

If you’ve never been to Area BFE in Moab, Utah take our word for it: it’s awesome. This private park, located just outside of town, boasts some of the most incredible trails and insane obstacles in the area including the famous Helldorado trail. Whether you’re a beginner or a hard-core crawler, Area BFE is must-visit for any Jeeper or 4WD enthusiast. That being said, we hope that if you’re headed to Easter Jeep Safari this year, you’ll come down to The ROCK!

WHO: You!
WHAT: The ROCK 2015
WHEN: Monday, March 30 2015 at 10:00am
WHERE: Area BFE Moab, UT
WHY: Trail rides, vendor show, free t-shirts, goodie bags, raffles, lunch
SIGN UP:  The ROCK 2015

The ROCK 2015 at Area BFE