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Bushwacker at the 49th Annual Easter Jeep Safari

Easter Jeep Safari 2015

This year marked the 49th annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, UT. If you’re a Jeeper and haven’t been before, put it on your bucket list because it’s incredible. For a week straight, there are literally Jeeps everywhere, the city becomes full of four-wheel drive enthusiasts, and people hit the trails every day. It’s not just trail rides, however. There are special events, vendor areas, and Jeep even rolls into town with a one-of-a-kind booth displaying one-of-a-kind vehicles. While we work very hard during EJS to showcase our brand and products, we also love the opportunity to meet Jeepers from around the globe and even hit the trails once and a while.

On Monday we were at Area BFE for The ROCK 2015, in which we were one of a host of vendors; we also had the people from Tread Lightly! in our booth. There were trail rides that spanned the gambit of difficulty, from fairly easy trails all the way to Helldorado, one of the most infamous trails in all of Moab. We saw old Jeeps, we saw new Jeeps; we saw crazy-built buggies and pretty much everything in between.

Tuesday we met up with a host of Jeepers before their trail rides. We passed out Bushwacker decals and talked to them about their rigs, where they were from, and what they were looking for an Jeep accessories. There’s nothing like talking directly to the people buying (or thinking about buying) your products. From there we visited Jeep’s great display, which was located in town. There we were able to check out some of the seven Jeep concept vehicles brought to the event, and see the latest and greatest accessories. They were even doing test drives of the 2015 models. It was hard to choose a favorite concept, but the Red Rock Responder was indeed awesome.

Afterward, we headed out toward the iconic Baby Lion’s Back trail off of Sand Flats Road and got some photos of our 2015 Ford F-150 and 2014 Jeep Wrangler JKU.

Bushwacker Booth at 2015 Easter Jeep SafariWednesday was reserved for booth setup and related work for Thursday and Friday’s vendor days. At 8:00am on Thursday, the Old Spanish Trail Arena opened for two days of Jeep vendor booths, including ours. One of the best thing about attending Jeep Safari is getting to talk with Jeepers and hear their stories from the trail. Of course, we were also able to help out many people with questions regarding Bushwacker Flares and TrailArmor. We also got a chance to show off our Jeep!

The other thing about the vendor days at Easter Jeep Safari is that it’s a bit like a Jeep show. There are so many cool rigs and products that, as cliché as it sounds, there really is something for everyone.

Before we knew it, we were tearing down the booth and packing up for Oregon. Easter Jeep Safari is truly an amazing event that should be visited by all four-wheel drive enthusiasts—Jeep or no Jeep. There’s simply no shortage of amazing rigs, rides, and people. We’re already planning for next year’s event, which will be its 50th Anniversary. So if there’s one year to visit Easter Jeep Safari, 2016 might just be it.