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Bushwacker FAQs: Ordering Pairs of Fender Flares

Front Jeep Wrangler Fender Flare

Welcome to Bushwacker FAQs, where we answer frequently asked questions about our product and services.

Some buyers only need two fender flares (sometimes just one). Maybe you own a flatbed pickup and only need front flares. Maybe you damaged your flare on the trail or you you got into a fender bender (literally) on the street and need a new flare. If you don’t need a set of four fender flares, Bushwacker offers its flares in pairs.

To find flares in pairs, go to and select your vehicle’s year, make, and model. Next, find the flare style (or other part) you need to replace. When you get to the correct page, select Replacement Parts on the left-hand menu; there will be a list of all the available replacement parts, including part numbers for front and rear fender flares.

All of our flares are sold in pairs by wheel axle (front or rear) or in sets of four; they are not sold as individual units. Because of this, we recommend storing the unused flare(s) in the polytube sleeve and keep the box flat.

To order parts, contact your local retailer or an authorized Internet reseller; we do not sell parts directly from the factory. You can find a list of retailers on our where to buy tab.